Three lofts and all have won races
I think the most important thing is to have good pigeons, keep them safe, and keep them healthy. I do keep my lofts closed at night and keep small day pens. This keeps them from breaking there necks when hawks attack.  

pigeon loft 1
pigeon loft 2
pigeon 3
This is the first pigeon loft that I built when I moved to North Carolina. It was in this loft that I raised 544 he won just about every club race I sent him to. I did win combine races with him and won with other pigeons as well out of this loft.
I build this loft at Lou McElroy's request. He wanted to race Widow Hood I buil the hand rail because Lou had a hard time getting up the steps. Today I need it more then Lou ever needed it. 
I did Win the LOU MCELROY Race with  two of Tommy Gou,s pigeons out of this loft.